Monday, August 9, 2010

Ever forget your blogger password?

Well, I did. Rather, I forgot that I changed it to be another password ... so technically I didn't forget it, I just forgot that it went to this site. Follow that? LOL!

So anyway, another month has gone by in the meantime before I decided to try another possible password and made it on. I find the need to keep messing with my blog background whenever I am on here. That is just counter-productive, though, because then I start playing around with the options and never get a post written up!

Don't you wish that you could use your own image for the new template designer?? Well, I do. Somebody needs to tell Blogger that to make it an option. Get on that, will you? ;)

Let's see .... what has happened since my Girl's Day? I made CUPCAKES for my daughter's birthday ... on my birthday. We went to Culver's to celebrate Julia's 6th birthday. I went out on a date with my husband to see Eclipse and dinner ... and my husband was not impressed with the movie at all. He informed me I will have to go see the last two movies either on my own or with someone OTHER than him. :) We went to Micaela's birthday party at the fountain at the park. We went boating with my parents. The kids played their last T-ball games, including playing in Hallie Youth Days and Blake's All-Stars game. I took my kids to a company picnic, and then we all went to the same beach on Saturday with family and friends. Of course I will share pictures. What kind of a photographer wanna-be would I be without pictures?!


Julia at Culver's on her birthday

Blake at fountain for Micaela's party

Chase at the fountain (and much braver, you may note)

And Julia at the fountain ... much more daring than last year. :)

Boating with my parents

Julia's last T-ball game of the season

Julia's trophy for completing a season of Girls T-ball

Blake making his first run during the T-ball All-Stars game (he's moving up to Coach Pitch next year!)

Blake receiving his trophy for participating in the All-Stars game.

That's enough pictures for one post. Hopefully I can remember my password so that I can update more often! :)