Friday, March 4, 2011

Fix-It Friday #89

I have no professional skill when it comes to photo editing. I just like to play in Lightroom! I saw a post on Facebook for the Fix-It Friday event at with a link to the newest photo provided, and decided to give it a go, even though I know many other more experienced editors will be playing with the same photo. I am anxious to see what direction they take with it.

I decided to smooth out the subject's face a little, and went with a desaturated look, and added back in a pop to the blacks, reds and blues. I really like how it drew out his blue eyes, and the texture/design in his shirt. I would have liked to blur the background beyond the brick wall, but I wasn't sure how to achieve that, so I stopped with what I've got.

Here is the original with credits to the photographer, Dana Suggs:

and here is my edit:

and a second edit cleaning up the wood and the back wall with some cloning and slight gaussian blur in PSE, a slight vignette added in LR, and an addition of film grain from PSE applied to the brick wall.
You can see more on this week's Fix-It friday here:

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