Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Heart Faces photography challenge: shadows

I have decided to enter this photo for the shadow challenge this week.  I didn't take it this week, thank goodness.  It was an amazingly chilly day this January that I took this picture at the Silvermine Invitational.  It was so cold that my camera would not stay on, and at one point my camera even re-set its date back to 1/1/1980!!  Wiped it right out.  I snuck a few shots on my camera, and on my dad's camera.  My dad would tuck my camera down under his jacket to try to warm it up so that the darned thing would work!  It was so frustrating as I could see the amazing potential if my camera had been in proper working order.

Still, I really have nothing to complain about, as I caught this pretty cool shot with a neat shadow of the skier!

Thankfully, this type of weather seems to be finally moving out.  The big pile of snow in our back yard has been reduced to a small pile of ice, and that should melt fairly quickly.  We've had unseasonably WARM weather today, but there is a threat of severe weather in addition, so that's an interesting trade.  Here's hoping that everyone stays safe today with the unstable weather pattern!

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