Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gotta Grab It ...

Gotta Pixel started this event a long time ago now, where all of the designers are asked to make their own kits using the same color swatch. During the sale period, they put their kits out there (sometimes broken down into papers and elements and such separately) for just $1.00. After the sale is over, the items go back to a regular price determined by the designer.

Well, the color swatch for this round is so pretty!!!! It's purples, blues, and browns, in the stalest explanation ever. :) So, since I can't explain it ... here is an advertisement image from the store (it's clickable! Go see!!!!)

My designer friend, Sarah Meyer, came out with a beautiful paper pack, and element pack for the Gotta Grab It event (also clickable):

And I've been busy today and have already played with it!

This is Julia on her field trip to Como Zoo in June when she got her face painted. I couldn't resist playing with it again.

These pictures are just from yesterday! We ended up at the Children's Museum after my MIL's* retirement party because it was really close by and we've never been there before. (MIL = Mother In Law) It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but the kids had a great time. As you can see! I made this page for the Speed Scrap held tonight by Colie's Corner. :)

So, if you're a fan of purple and blue like me, you should click over to Gotta Pixel to see Sarah's and all of other designers' amazing kits that you can snag for just $1 each for a short time. :)

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