Friday, July 9, 2010

The Fair 2010

On a whim, we ended up going to the Fair on Friday. Tyler was working over-time, and I had no plans, so why would I say no when my mom called to ask? First we had dinner at a local restaurant, and then we headed to the fair. First we checked out the tractors and farm animals.

the sheep in their coats after sheering ...

Then we took in the rides. The kids were able to enjoy most of the rides that they wanted to try. A few were just NOT going to happen (those rides that they really should be older for). We never did make it down to most of the exhibits ... we only saw a few, and right before they were closing them up. It ended up being a very late night, but that was ok. I was glad the kids had fun.

My parents (and many of the near-by fair-goers) enjoyed watching Julia dance:

and then we walked back to our car ... just in time as they started shutting the rides down ... and we all crashed fairly quickly after we got home.

It was a whirl-wind night, but a great night.

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