Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's almost September!!!

Have you visited Sarah Meyer's blog lately? If not, you might want to keep an eye on it in the next several days ... a certain monthly freebie should be arriving soon!

I've been busy creating TWO desktop calendars, and I'm also working on my Guest CT requirements for Gotta Pixel. I have two awesome kits that I'm honored to work with this week. Then, I also have my Sweet Shoppe Rewards to keep working towards. I think I may fall short of the 30% goal this month, but I am still going to try.

But, the thing I absolutely MUST finish this weekend is my PHOTO BOOK! I have a free credit that is expiring at the end of THIS MONTH! And I just cannot let that go to waste! I need to fill in 4 pages, and it will be DONE! I am so excited. I have to create layouts for those spaces though, because I am missing the full size JPEG files of the pages I'd created that I wanted to put there. Bummer, I know ... but if I keep my act together I'll get it all done in time to get one awesome book reviewing 2007! :) Wish me luck!

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