Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of School - Blake

Blake's first day of school is complicated this year. According to the school calendar, September 2nd is the first day of school. But, Blake didn't really have school today. We went and met his teacher for a 15 minute conference, and paid for morning milk and other school program stuff. We were there 30 minutes, tops. But, mommy did her job and took a photo:

He is supposed to go for a 2-hour session tomorrow with an adult, but no one is available to take him (because I will not miss 2 hours of work 2 days in a row for start-of-school stuff), so he will have his first FULL day of school on Thursday. I will be taking him to school, and afterward he will ride the bus to daycare. I think he is more excited about it now that we've been there. Julia's first day is on Monday, the 8th of September. She is SO excited! :)

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