Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day ... for real!

Here is a photo of Blake on his REAL first day of school ... just two days later. The temperatures took a dive, and the forecast high was 69 degrees. So, we dug out jeans and his spring coat.

Looking at his pants, he'll need new ones this fall. *Sigh* I can't keep up with him. Julia needs new ones too. It doesn't seem like she's grown much, but her size 4T pants are too short! So, I guess we'll have to go shopping.

Blake rode the bus today after school. He has to transfer buses because of where daycare is. Well, he got on the wrong bus at the transfer school! But, don't worry ... because Blake got to daycare anyway! :) He told the driver how to get to his sitter's house. He is so spatially aware ... and it came in VERY handy. :)

Otherwise, he had a good day ... though in true child fashion, he wasn't able to say much about what he'd done. If I hadn't read "music" was his "special" of the day, I never would have gotten that out of him, hee hee!

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