Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time to update I think, lol

Well, I'm directing people to my blog to see this new blog set in action ... and realized my last post is dated in December and January is well on its way to being done, so its time for an update! I'll try to fill in some pictures from Christmas soon.

Things have been crazy around here. We've ALL been sick with the stomach/intestinal virus that has been going around. It was awful. I spent a week with a sore back before I finally got sick-sick. Blake and Julia both took turns getting sick at daycare -- sorry Tonja and Melissa -- and Chase had some awful diapers that kept him home, too. I *think* we are all over it now, though!

I made some changes to help me keep up with things at home. I had to leave two of my creative teams to do it, though. I am no longer creating pages for Kathryn Estry or Michelle Pieters, but they are still both wonderful designers and friends, and if you haven't seen their stores yet, please check out Divine Digital, Digitals or Gotta Pixel for Kathryn, and NDISB or Digitals for Michelle. I will have to settle with being a big fan for now. :) With Tyler working so much, I really need less duties at the computer so that I can get other things done at home ... like dishes and laundry. :)

I am still in the ADSR Season 4 -- Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race -- at NDISB. My partner is none other than the fabulous owner of Gotta Pixel (my scrapping home), Stacy Carlson! Her layouts are amazing and its an honor to be racing with her. We have 5 of the 6 challenges completed, and I know challenge 6 is on its way too. So, we're doing great! You can see my pages in the gallery at Gotta Pixel, and at NDISB if you are curious.

Other than being sick, things aren't much different around here. The Christmas tree came down on the 1st of January, and we're finally able to go outside without starting the car 20-30 minutes beforehand again. 20 never felt so warm, lol.

Well, I have things I need to do, so off I go ... just wanted to have a newer post to show off this fancy new blog wear! :)

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