Monday, January 26, 2009

He is so adorable!

Ok, so I know every mother thinks this about their little kids, but sometimes it is just so true, you know?

Chase has been busily watching Noggin tonight which has some of his favorite shows. He loves "Wow Wow Wubbzy" and "The Upside-Down Show" amng many others. When talking about Blues Clues, he makes the Blues Clues gesture ... opening and closing both hands in a 5 symbol on beat with each word. That is cute in itself. Then, tonight, on the Upside-Down show they have to ring a doorbell to open the door. He mimicked the doorbell sound, and said, "Come in!" just like the door always says. He was giggling at the silliest stuff. It's just so fun to watch him enjoy these shows. He's getting so smart, too. (We'll just make this a little brag post about Chase, ok?)

A cute story about pick-up at daycare today. I walked into the house and the kids were ready in their coats as usual (they must be in a rush to get them out of there?) ... and the sitter's little girl who is younger than Chase by a bit came over and said, "Mama!" pointing at me. She does this a lot. I think she means, "Your mama!" but she just says, "Mama!" Today, however, Chase noticed what she said and said, "MY mama!" Not YOUR mama, MY mama! It was just so cute, you had to be there, lol.

He knows several of his colors already. He knows red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, and pink! He goofs them up sometimes, but he knows them most of the time. He also recognizes squares, triangles, circles ... I'm impressed. He does a pretty good job with the Leapster 2 in the coloring screens, and he holds pencils and markers nearly correctly ... with either hand (though we both think he'll be a lefty ... crossing our fingers!!!) :)

He's into naming everything (rocket ship [ocket sip]! monster truck [moster shuck]! choo-choo train [choo-choo tain]!), and has been working on getting himself potty trained too. He does a good job of using the potty ... he just forgets sometimes or is too busy doing something to stop to go potty. I feel confident, though, that he'll be potty trained before 3 years old. He even wakes up dry sometimes! So cool! He's also very independent ... which has its ups and downs ... check out this photo. I took it on a night where he decided to help himself to cereal. He wanted to do it hisself (but mommy helped)!

He's my "Bless you" baby when I sneeze (before anyone else), and he loves to give hugs and kisses. He is just the sweetest little boy (except when he's tired or stubborn and then he's not so sweet, lol). I just love my little sunshine, and he was due for a brag post! Hee hee!


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Hummie said...

oh MY GOODNESS! How adorable. I sure wish I had all those cute little things my boys did when they were little recorded down like this. Be sure to make a scrapbook page about it!