Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy Month!

I was just looking at my calendar on the refrigerator last night and realized how full it was. We aren't really used to having such a full calendar. I suppose life will just get busier and busier as the kids get older.

In the past week we had two t-ball games. We also went to the Shrine Circus, a musical production of Willy Wonka, and the kids went camping (and WE had a date!!). Wow! No wonder I'm exhausted.

This upcoming week will be a little bit less full. On Tuesday I am taking the day off to go on a field trip with Julia for the end of Head Start. Then we have two t-ball practices that night (so yeah, Tuesday is going to be exhausting). On Wednesday, Julia has a t-ball game, and then that is it for the week! Of course, the 4th of July is on Saturday, so there is a get-together on Saturday, but the week itself is relatively calm.

I am hoping we will hear back on the appraisal early in the week. My parents are leaving for a trip just before my birthday, so I would like to know where everything is going to go with the house before they head out.

Speaking of birthdays, no plans as of yet. I suppose I should continue to think on that! (Julia's is the day after mine.)

Well, I just finished a scrapbook page from the circus so off to my gallery I go to add it!

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