Friday, June 5, 2009

No more teachers, no more books ...

Today was Blake's last day of Kindergarten. Julia had her last regular day of Head Start yesterday. (Julia will have Summer Camp for one week in a couple of weeks also, and then a field trip to Como Zoo like Blake did last year on the 30th.)

I took yesterday and today off from work. It has been nice, even with having to get up to get Julia on her bus yesterday, and taking Blake to and from school today. This house has been a disaster area, and I've only skimmed the surface, but I'm starting to see some progress. Not as much as I'd like, but I will keep working at it over the weekend. Tyler is going to be working overtime hours tomorrow, so I should be able to get some stuff done then. I wanted to vacuum this afternoon in the living room, but Tyler was watching Animal House so I decided to wash dishes instead. I'm thinking about trying the FlyLady site again. I should go check it out. I have to adapt quite a bit of how it works because it's intended for a stay-at-home-mom, really ... (some of the day's first steps that I remember are getting dressed to the shoes. Yeah, I do that every day to get ready for work, lol).

I dressed Blake in the same shirt that he wore for his first day of school. I didn't realize it until after I'd handed it to him, and then I smiled because of how appropriate it was. I restrained myself from making him stand by the same tree I took a picture of him in front of on the first day of school, aren't I nice?

See the drink holder? You aren't seeing the prettiest side, but that was my first attempt at a hybrid project. I'm going to be making another one for Julia's teacher for when she finishes Summer Camp. I will share a picture of that then. :)

Blake will be a first grader in the fall, and Julia will be in Kindergarten. She'll be a young 5, where he was almost 6 when he started. I talked with our neighbor, and her daughter will be in Kindergarten too. She already knows who her daughter's teacher is due to allergy concerns and that teacher knowing what living with allergies is like. Good for her. Blake's Kindergarten teacher told me at his Exit Conference yesterday that Blake and Emily S will not be in the same class next year. She thinks that will be good for him. Apparently she really distracts him! LOL! I saw her picture in the yearbook ... she's a little cutie! And a blond like him. :)

I've just signed up Blake and Julia for swimming lessons in August. Who knew you could do swimming lessons in the evening? Swimming lessons will start at 6:45 pm, so we'll even have time for supper before going. Yay! So, we have T-ball through the end of July (including the Youth Days) and then swimming starts August 3rd. NO rest for the weary! LOL!

And I think we'll do soccer in the fall ... that starts in September. That will give the kids a chance to try out some different things and see what they like! :)

Well, I've walked away from this post several times ... I guess I better post it! I'll come back and add a picture of Blake with his teacher, soon. (ETA: DONE!)

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