Sunday, December 6, 2009

And it's December

Just like that, December is here, and Christmas is going to be here way before I am ready. I have my dad's present, though! I am pretty proud of how it turned out too. Still working on my parents, my husband and the kids. DH keeps shooting down my ideas for the kids. Originally I wanted to get a Wii for us all and call it good, and months ago he was fine with that, but he's changed his mind. I guess it's just not meant to be. Seriously considering calling the family Y membership a present for me and DH and telling him to skip anything else, though. We both need it, and I can get it taken out of my paychecks to save us a bit on the monthly dues.

Anyway, Christmas is on my mind. I've scrapped several wintry/Christmas-y pages recently:

(Deck the Halls by Sarah Meyer - look for it at Digitals)

(Winter Days by Connie Prince - look for it at Gotta Pixel and Elemental Scraps)

(Deck the Halls by Connie Prince - available at Gotta Pixel and Elemental Scraps)

(Deck the Halls by Connie Prince - available at Gotta Pixel and Elemental Scraps)

(Hey Santa by Connie Prince - available at Gotta Pixel and Elemental Scraps)

I have also gotten to play with some pieces by Dustybear as a part of the Site Creative Team. I saw these pieces and went digging for boy or baby boy pictures that I had not scrapped yet. I wanted to find some with references to space, and was sure I could find some but found these adorable baby photos that screamed to be scrapped instead:

Kit: Spacey Papers, and Spacey Elements 2 by Dustybear

Both are from when Chase was little -- 4 months old and about 5.5 months old. I think these pieces really brought out his blue eyes, and gave that dreamy sleepy-land look I was looking for. Don't you agree? I used Traci Reed's "Basically Gorgeous" photo actions that work in PSE to spice up these pictures. I use her actions a lot, and they usually turn out fabulously (depends on how good the picture was to begin with, of course). There aren't a lot of options for using in PSE, you know!

It was really fun to look back through my pictures of the children even just a couple of years ago. I know they are growing and changing, but somehow since they are doing it before my eyes ... I am not seeing it, if you know what I mean. So, looking back at these pictures I see the baby face that has been going away, and the individual characters that are developing in my children. It really is a fascinating thing, and makes me appreciate my hobby that much more, because it leads me on these trips into my past a little more often than your average person, I'd be willing to bet.

Enough rambling ... it's 10 o'clock! I need to get to bed. Have a great week everyone,

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