Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Blizzard

On December 9, 2009 we had a blizzard. And I had to go to work in it. Yuck. I went out to let the dog out, and took a couple pictures and a video ... and realized a little too late that I'd forgotten to attach Lexi to her runner. Oops! Here are the pictures I took, and the video! I do swear a little at the very end when I realize Lexi is gone and trample off to get her. Thank goodness the snow slowed her down. She's gotten away a couple other times where I've had to chase her a couple of blocks! She doesn't do it because she hates us ... it's because she wants to smell everything and lay claim to the neighborhood by marking her scent ... but it is SO frustrating when you're the one chasing her!!!

Anyway ... blizzard 2009:

Lexi in snow that is really deep for her! She was NOT impressed and wanted to go right back inside ... at first!

My tall next door neighbor next to the very large snow drift in front of his garage. We had one like this too. It was too large for my husband to start the snow plow right there, if I remember what he said correctly. :)

And last but not least ... the video capturing all the snow (and wind) and my stupidity:

Lessons learned:
1.Don't ever forget to attach your pup to the runner, or have a fenced in back yard! (ours used to be, but a section is down for the winter).

2. Do not get plowed out by the above mentioned wonderful neighbor and then take your time inside (seriously, was not that long that I was inside) and let the snow plow go by and block your driveway back up again so that you end up 30 minutes late for work because you have to dig out again!

3. When there is a blizzard like THIS one ... call in to work, for crying out loud! I should have just gone back to bed! :-p

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