Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some catch-up ...

April 18:

I was able to talk Chase into putting on pants and a coat, but he refused to wear socks and boots. Sandals were good enough. LOL. Blake and Julia were down the block at a friend's house.

Monday, April 19:

Blake had soccer practice and pictures, so he had his shirt on.

Wednesday, April 28:

Chase sitting on the bleachers with me while Julia had T-ball practice.

Saturday, May 1:

Blake's 3rd soccer game of the spring season -- the first time I brought my camera (very odd!). He was given the spot of goalie for the first time! It was super windy and that made it very cold. I was regretting wearing capris and sandals, and regretted not having the kids wear pants too. BUT, at least it was sunny! I even managed to get either sun or wind burn!

Julia's 3rd soccer game was this day also. She wasn't really into it, and kept stopping to chat. I love this picture ... even though she should have been running! Her team had pictures today in the wind. They were supposed to take pictures the previous Saturday, but it was rainy and most of the kids didn't show up. They practiced for a while, but there was no game. Blake had to play in the rain for his whole game ... poor kid!

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