Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Witching Hour ...

A blogger/tweeting friend of mine brought up the witching hour tonight in a tweet of hers. I guess I only think of the witching hour coming once a year ... on Halloween, but as was revealed, this is apparently the term used to refer to that crazy time of the evening when your kids are constantly underfoot and driving you crazy as you try to transition from one routine to another.

This is the part where I sigh in relief that I am indeed NOT the only mom out there who experiences this!!! Do you have this happen now, if you have kids in your house? Do you remember it, if your children are now grown?

I'm sure there are ways to try and ease this "witching hour" time. And no... it does NOT include a margarita mix. ;) For me, I'm just glad to be HOME tonight, because that "witching hour" is MUCH more intense after coming home from being out and about all evening!!!

How do YOU deal with the witching hour??

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