Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good game, good game, good game ...

I think that is my daughter's favorite part of her T-ball games ... the good-game, good-game, good-game part where they all give fives to the other team. :) It's cute. And then she gets her snack ... which might actually be her favorite part, lol.

Blake, however ... I think his favorite part is getting the other team out. He got to play the pitcher tonight for one inning, and he did great! It's T-ball, so he didn't have to pitch the ball, but he did get a runner out at 3rd, and he got two runners out at home base. If you did the math, you realize he got the 3 outs for the inning! :) He also scored some runs. I'm not sure how many, as I did not keep track. I got some decent pictures, but don't have my camera handy to load them to share with you yet.

We did make it to the circus on Wednesday, too, and it turned out to be a gorgeous day. It started out cloudy at the beginning of the show, and the sun came out during their intermission. It was starting to get "ouch" hot by the time the circus was done. Good thing it wasn't that sunny the whole time or we'd all have been sun-burned! After the circus we went to Mike's Smokehouse for lunch, which was yummy! I don't get to go there very often. As is true with many places now-a-days, you get a lot less fish for your dollar, but at least it tasted as good as I remembered it. Julia had a game Wednesday night, and she is getting better and better at staying on task on the ball field. It's amazing the difference a year makes! :)

Well, it is getting late and I have laundry to switch over, so I better head out. Thanks for stopping in. I will try to get some pictures posted ... maybe tomorrow night after another of Blake's games! :)


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Melissa said...

I think the "Good Game" part is so cute yet so hilarious! Yay for your son getting the 3 outs - major leagues - watch out!