Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New blog template ...

So, last night I sat down with the intention of scrapping with one of Connie Prince's newest kits - Brain Freeze. As often happens when I sit down to scrap, I got distracted by other things. When I went to the store to grab the links to the kit I noticed that she had a new blog template. I've been using a really pretty one:

since March or so, I think.

This bright one caught my eye, though:

As you can see, I'm not using it ... even though I love it. Why? Well, I got sucked into the template designer in Blogger. LOL! I ended up spending probably an hour changing the background and colors and stuff ... eventually ending up with what I have now. Will it stick? Eh, probably not. I am a digi-scrapper at heart, and am sure that I will miss having a pretty header, and cute tags on the sidebar. The new Sunbeams & Daydreams Blogwear will probably be my new set-up. Then, I will challenge myself to pick just one of the adorable headers to put on my blog. Maybe I should set up another blog so that I can use more than one?? ;)

Oh yeah ... that scrapping. I did eventually finish a page, meaning another late night getting to bed, hee hee. Here is the page I created with Brain Freeze (and a Heat Wave Template - available at Elemental Scraps only), which I think turned out really cute!

You can see it a little bigger in my Gotta Pixel gallery, if you want a closer look.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to the circus. Well, actually we ARE going, because I already spent an obscene (in my opinion) amount of money on the adult tickets. We have free passes for the kids. When I spread the cost out between us all, though, I guess it isn't so bad ... $28 for 5 people to see the circus. I'll try to think of it that way instead. ;)

I'll share pictures on my blog if I get any good ones. Last year we went, but it was the evening program and by the time the really pretty acts came out, it was dark and of course I was too far away for my flash to be of any use. I am hoping for lots of sunshine so that I can get some spectacular pictures. I wonder where the best place will be to sit, and how early we'd need to get there to sit there, too, lol.

If you've stuck through my rambling this long, hey ... thanks! :) As a thank you, in case you've missed it, there is a Father's Day Give-Away on Connie Prince's blog ... go see it HERE! Now, I'm gonna go harrass the children about getting to sleep so that they aren't crabby tomorrow.

Have a good one,

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