Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Outdoors at Grandma & Papa's

As always, the kids had a great time at Grandma and Papa's. Julia's biggest rush was to go inside. It wasn't until Grandma asked her that I found out why she wanted to go INSIDE so badly ... because that's where the candy jar is! LOL!!!! Before supper the kids played outside and each of the kids got a ride on the 4 wheeler. I broke out the camera to capture Chase on the 4 wheeler. I can't believe how much he loves riding that thing at THIS age!

If you would like to see any of these larger, please click on them! :)

Chase coming back from a ride on Papa's 4 wheeler:

Julia learning to play hopscotch with Grandma.

Blake taking a turn ... and Chase interrupting ...

Adding his handiwork to the hopscotch board:

After supper, and just before heading home, Papa broke out the sparklers!!!

Playing with settings on my new camera!

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