Monday, May 11, 2009

Julia's 2nd Tball game

Never fear, Blake's games are coming. His first game is on May 26th. I bet it will be a lot different than Julia's first game was. I have a feeling Blake will be paying better attention, hee hee.

Julia had a pretty lucky night tonight. She was able to get on base each time she was at bat, and only was tagged out on her last at-bat, because she was too slow getting to home base. She was the 3rd out for that inning. Not bad for such a beginner!

Julia is still really spacey when she's on defense. They put her in the out field to minimize the damage. Hopefully she will start to get the hang of things so that she can play an infield position some day yet this season. I do understand ... the outfield IS boring, but I hope she will start paying attention to how the game works so that she can be more involved.

My mom and dad came to watch today. My dad took some pictures too. I can't wait to see them. Dad hung out by the right field fence, so his pictures are fence-free! :) I think he got some of Julia batting. It was a funny game. Lots of typical T-ball mistakes. I think that if the score were kept that our team would have won this game. They really did great. It wasn't until nearly the end of the game that they switched the first baseman and we started letting more runs in, but then the pitcher, "A" did awesome at running in to home base to get runners out that way, and it was in the bag rather quickly.

It seems like Julia is being included more by her teammates. Today the invited her to cheer with them, and a couple of the girls spun around the post in the dug-out with her, lol. At least she's having fun. :)

Waiting anxiously for the video to finish loading,

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