Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Sunny Sunday ...

I took some rather good pictures on Sunday, if I do say so myself. :) I'm trying to get better at taking pictures. I'm no longer satisfied if the person is in the frame and in focus. I want the person to be in a good place in the frame, and the lighting to be good, and the subject to be interesting. It's a blessing and a curse ... I guess it's because I've been looking at MckMama's photos for so long and I wanna be like her, lol. Man, her photos always look fabulous. (I love photography ... MckMama's are just the ones I have seen a lot of lately.)

Anyway, here are my contributions in the "Wanna be like MckMama" contest (that doesn't exist) Notice all of the NATURALLY occurring blurred backgrounds! I was so psyched!


There they go again without me ...

They better not run me over!

I'm gonna catch up!

Who needs pedals?

(Awakening by mgl scraps (Studio MGL), template by Lena Brandenburg)


The motion ones of Blake aren't the greatest, but they are still cool:

Completing a fancy slide maneuver in the driveway.

Posing for a picture.

I just ADORE these two bubble photos!

And just in case you're wondering (my mom was), Julia was not home when all of this was taking place. She was with her Daddy running errands. :)

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