Monday, May 11, 2009

T-ball game photos - from my dad!

My mom shared these pictures over Yahoo tonight ... so they are not full size if clicked, but they are so awesome SOOC (straight out of camera). Thanks, Dad!!!

Bored already with this outfield stuff ...

Up to bat ... I notice the coach is smiling ... now that is a good coach. :) Look at Julia's concentration!

Great running, Julia!

Think the helmet is a little too big?

On base! YAY!

Getting instructions to watch the batter & get ready to run! (Can she see??)

Getting a run! Yay, Julia!

Papa!!! I didn't know you were here!

Back to being bored ... why would I need to wear this thing anyway?

Julia loves this bat ... she was so happy she got to use it. :)

Gotta love that karate chop action, rofl.

Yep ... DEFINITELY too big, rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You KNOW this is going to get scrapped. Title: Safety first! ROFL!!!)

Why do I need to stand on base? I don't get it? (we love you, Julia)

Run, Julia, RUN!!!

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