Monday, March 1, 2010

In like a lion???

Nah - no lions! So far March is starting out beautifully in the weather department. We're supposed to be in the 30's this week, and I didn't see any forecasts for snow. It's light out when I leave work now, and as I'm sure others agree ... that is SO nice. It was so depressing leaving work and feeling like it was time to go to bed already!

I just read that the 2 am to 6 am winter parking restrictions have been lifted in the residential areas, and that makes me glad because I just parked my car in some very slushy stuff in my yard and was not looking forward to a month of that!

Tonight I took the kids to McDonald's because I'm mentally exhausted. We started using a new program at work today, and I just could not stand the idea of having one more thing to think about tonight. So then I came home and decided to blog. LOL Does anyone else find the humor in that??! Or am I really that exhausted, lol.

We're moving! Well, sort of ... we are purchasing bunk beds from my aunt and uncle, and so we're switching bedrooms around for all of us! I am hoping we'll start making the moves next weekend already. There is some painting to do, so for a short while the 3 kids will be in one room, but I'm confident that it won't be too big of a problem. The plan has been for Julia to have the "nursery" for a long time now, and that plan will continue. Our "old" plan was to have Blake and Chase share the room upstairs, but that plan has changed with the bunk beds due to our 1 and 1/2 story house.

We are going to move upstairs! I'm actually pretty excited about this move for a few reasons. The room upstairs is large, and I think it will be nice for us to have more space. (I can see me moving the ironing board upstairs too, which will help me organize the main floor a little better too.) With twin bunk-beds in our old room, there will still be plenty of floor space for Blake and Chase. I think we'd have room for a desk in there if we needed it, and eventually I can see that happening. It should be easier to get the kids to sleep at night because I will be on the same floor to manage them, also.

So, it's pretty exciting for us. I've already bought some primer paint and a test sample of the pink paint to try out in Julia's new room! Just went to try it out ... gosh, it's light. I told my husband it was too light when we were in the store ... and that is directly on top of the blue paint instead of on top of primer ... so I bet it's even lighter then! Guess I'll have to try another color or ask them to darken it with more red or something. Why can't the colors just match the test papers like they're supposed to? LOL!

Anyway, enough rambling. It's taken me a couple hours between doing other things to create this post. I don't know how MckMama puts together such coherent blog posts! LOL!

Just was in the bathroom with Julia and discovered she's cut her hair again ... her bangs, RIGHT in the front. *sigh* What possesses kids to do this?!!! I don't ever remember doing this! It's hair ... it will grow. It's hair ... it will grow.

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SarahB said...

What is with these kids cutting their hair! I don't think I ever did it either.

Picking paint colors is fun! Hope the temporary room-sharing arrangement works out smoothly.