Thursday, July 10, 2008

FOBTY: Vacation Spots

From the Sweet Shoppe Blog: Tell me about your favorite vacation spot or dream vacation and what makes it so special.

My most memorable vacations were to Walt Disney World in Florida, but I don't know how much of my memories are my own or whether they come from watching videos or what people have told me, hee hee. I loved WDW. I remember the "It's a Small World After All" ride, and I totally loved it. I understand it's a pretty boring ride, so I have to laugh about that. I also remember riding on what I thought was just a train ride, only to find out it was a roller coaster! I was bawling when I got off of it. I loved the parade at night with all of the floats that were made of lights ... amazing, and I really enjoyed Sea World too. I would LOVE to take my kids to see WDW some day.

I would also really like to travel to Washington to meet my online friend, Katie. I think we'd get along really well ... would be so cool to meet in person!


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Pyro said...

My most memorable vacation spot is in Property Sunshine Coast in Australia it is my most memorable vacation because it is the first time that our family is complete..from the eldest down to the youngest..we are 5 in our family..It is due to different kinds of work that we have..and it was our moms birthday..It was the best..It was my first time seeing my mom cried so hard..The joy and happiness that we felt can never be replaced...and we stayed there for 1 whole week..