Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Fair 2008

We had a late start to the fair this year (again), but this year we bought arm bands for Blake and Julia. Gosh, that was expensive! They did have a blast, though, and it was nice to not have to limit their rides like last year. It's also probably the reason we were there until, ahem, almost midnight. But, we didn't get there until after 6 pm, so does that make it ok? Chase was down for an afternoon nap and he really slept!!! So, we waited. We ran into a few people we knew, and Tyler pointed out people we knew from high school. (Woo-hoo.) Chase didn't ride on any of the rides, and was very good about sitting in his stroller pretty much all night. He did lose patience at the end and we ended up leaving because he was having a little fit (duh, it's nearly midnight, MOM!). But, he got to have some fun too. We ran in to Les with her daughter! And she hung out with us, so that was cool -- made it less boring for him! YAY!

We ended up entering not through the games, as usual, but through the rides end of the park -- the rides intended more for teens and adults. Julia was jammin' to the music ... as you will see here:

Here are some other pictures from our evening at the fair! Thanks for looking!

Chase playing with Blake's new sword:

I may be adding more pictures!! :)


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looks like a wonderful evening!!