Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And poof ... my baby is 3 ...

I'm not very happy about it, quite honestly. I know he's growing up, and he's smart and cute and all, but gosh darn it he IS my baby after all. I'm not normally one of those moms who shares their child's every milestone. After all ... Chase is #3, and so it's all been done before by his siblings, lol. ;) And normally I don't post a whole lot about birthdays. Actually, birthdays have been pretty low-key around here the past 6 years. It seems like we never have money to spend on a birthday party around birthday time. And, truth be told ... that's where we're at right now too. I sure wish we'd waited to buy Tyler a vehicle until October ... even just ONE month later would have saved us $311 to spend elsewhere. *sigh*

Anyway, the fact is, today my baby is three years old. He is no longer reliant on mom for milk (um, yeah ... he nursed way longer than the other two -- though just at night for quite a while). He is almost potty trained -- went almost all day in the same pair of underwear on Sunday! He is starting to not sleep in mom and dad's bed at all at night, though occasionally he get's mom's soft spot who misses her baby and lets him fall asleep with her .... . He is verbal. He is independent. He is a daredevil (see previous post). He is adorable, and he is my baby.

'Nuff said ... I need to get to bed and quit rambling!! :)

Happy 3rd birthday to my littlest man,

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