Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is it Saturday, er, Sunday yet?

I am so tired! I know, I know ... so why am I writing this post and not in bed? I think my body might go into shock if I was in bed before 11 pm. LOL. Seriously, I will be trying to get to bed soon after I write this, but I'll have to let Lexi out one last time for the night, and then I need to straighten up ... so yeah, gonna be a bit. :)

Tuesdays tend to be an exhausting day for me. I suppose my body is protesting after getting to sleep in on Sunday. But, I managed to wake up on time today regardless. (Yes, it did involve a 30 minute snooze-fest with my alarm clock, but 6:45 is still on time. ;) )

I woke up to a stink in my house ... unfortunately, Lexi got a few nibbles on some grapes that the kids dropped on the floor. I didn't know it, but grapes can be toxic to dogs, and since Lexi isn't big, I'm glad she spit out the one that I'm aware she nibbled on. At any rate, it gave her some loose stools, and she wasn't able to hold them in and went in her crate during the night. So, I spent the first 15 minutes of my morning (when I should have been waking up the munchkins so that they had their "wake-up" time) cleaning out the crate after shoving the stinky dog outside (who was given a bath later this afternoon, thank you DH!!!).

Then, I got the kids up at 7 am and they proceeded to be too tired to get dressed for another 15 minutes or so ... and why do I have to brush my teeth? I don't WANT to wear that shirt, mommy! and I don't want to wear those shoes! ... sigh. I quick dropped the kids off at the corner by the school (instead of in the parking lot as usual), and dashed to work where I was 2 minutes late. I just had to get stuck behind a school bus and then one of those (good, but frustrating) people who actually goes the speed limit as it is posted. There has to be an easier way to do this waking up stuff ... what is it? Please share.

In case my day wasn't enough stress as it was, I decided to go shopping (with the kids, of course) after work because we needed a "healthy snack" for Julia's class for tomorrow (I decided on individual cups of cinnamon apple sauce ... yeah, high fructose corn syrup, I know), and I wanted to look for soccer cleats for the kids. We had gotten a pair that were size 2.5 from my MIL who I think picked them up at a thrift sale or from someone she knew, but Blake said they didn't fit, and we had none for Julia. All of the other kids on the team had cleats, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy some. They must serve some real purpose ... I hope. The kids were being exceptionally hyper, and Blake and Julia pulled out those shoe measuring tools and Blake stuck his on there to "play" and I glanced at it and he should need a size 1 to 1.5 for shoes. So, why on earth wouldn't those (too big) cleats fit him? Oh, he says, they do fit! *D'OH!* So, I saved some money and only bought cleats for Julia. Now, she better keep playing, lol.

To de-stress, I sat down to play with Kristmess' Autumn Rain Page Kit. I went in search of a photo that would fit with the elegant droplets that I wanted to play with, and found a picture of my daughter all dressed up in her (then-new) Halloween costume last October. At first I was determined to do an extraction layout and it was going to be fabulous. Then I pulled my extracted Julia onto the purple background and cringed ... the skirt pieces and headband pieces are see-through, and I couldn't get rid of all of the white background bits without spending hours ... so I decided to do an OOB instead (out of bounds). As I played, the layout unfolded itself easily into what you see here:


It is amazing to me how much stress I can release in creating one simple page. NOw I am still tired, but I am not as frazzled as I was ... except for that nagging voice telling me to go to bed ...

I guess I better just listen this time, eh?

Good night, and thanks for reading! :)

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