Sunday, September 20, 2009

NOW it's Sunday ...

I didn't get to sleep in quite as late as I'd hoped, but it has been a nice day. The kids played outside quite a bit today. I took advantage of this "quiet time" to clean house. I am now satisfied with my dining room, bathroom, and living room. I am happy with my kitchen floor, but the rest needs work (DH says he'll be doing dishes tomorrow ... scratch that, I bet the concrete work he'll be doing with my Dad will take over instead). I even organized/ chucked stuff from under the sink in the bathroom -- it suddenly occurred to me to use Ziploc baggies to organize. I now have all the following in baggies: ointments, bandaids, plastic covers for the thermometer, 3 rolls of ribbon for using in Julia's hair, and a baggy full of hair things for Julia. It should make finding things a lot easier. I also used a "snack size" baggie to store the coupons that I want to keep handy in my purse.

Chase has been wearing the same pair of underwear since he woke up this morning. I will try to get a picture of him in them soon. :) He has been doing great at going to the bathroom -- he has no issues with going, except sometimes in public places. But, lately he's been able to go in public places too. He really has done fine unless he's been wearing a pull-up or underwear. Well, I decided to keep him underwear the last couple of days. Yesterday he didn't make it at first ... had an accident once ... but today he's been doing great! It is pretty exciting to think that he might be out of diapers/pull-ups very soon! :)

In the digi-world I got to play with Mayhem by Bella Gypsy -- one of the newest designers at Gotta Pixel. I started out with a template this week, by Brenda Miller. I knew I needed several pictures, so I went into search mode. I found the perfect series of photos to play with this kit. "Daredevil" and the perfect colors?! A match made in heaven! LOL

This was, I'm sure, one of many heart-stopping moments that Chase has in store for me. :) Not that Julia and Blake aren't full of their own moments, but their motor skills are a little more advanced, lol.

Now, on to Monday we go ... it is sure to be a busy week. Leslie's daughter turns 3 tomorrow, and Blake has soccer practice. Chase turns 3 on Tuesday. Wednesday I have a meeting at work. Before we know it, Saturday will be here and we'll have more soccer. Oh yeah! I should add pictures from yesterday's game for Blake ... (forgot my memory card for Julia's practice/game *sigh*)! Lots to do. :)

Have a great week,

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