Sunday, September 27, 2009

Party time

Please forgive me for the IM-speak ... it shortens things like "in-law" and I've used initials for privacy of my husband's family also. :)

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Chase. It was supposed to be a joint birthday party with our niece (SIL's daughter), E, but her mom and dad aren't together and dad had her because he made plans and didn't tell her mom. Anyway, SIL did bring the ice cream cake she had promised anyway (how sweet!).

I haven't thrown a party since Blake turned one. Yes, that's how much fun it was, lol. Not that it wasn't NICE ... it was just very expensive and honestly, not worth it. We had a lot more people over for Blake's first birthday. I'm glad we didn't do that again. On Chase's birthday, we went to Cassandra's volleyball game at SIL's invitation. While we were talking, the idea of a get-together for the kids' birthday came up, and I suggested doing it here because SIL hasn't gotten her own place yet since coming back from Basic Training and AIT (don't ask me what that is - I don't know). She offered to bring an ice cream cake for it, and I said ok.

So anyway, we had my MIL and FIL over, our nieces H and B, and my SIL. My Mom was at a conference, and my Dad didn't want to come over all by himself with a house-full of IL's, I bet, hee hee, and I seriously wouldn't have known what to do with more people! (Sorry Grandma and Aunt MJ!)

We had tacos and chips, and I think it was pretty yummy! Then the kids played for a while, and we had ice cream cake and sang to Chase. Have I ever mentioned how much Chase HATES being sung to by a crowd?!

(this one doesn't show his true pout even!)

He did please the crowd, though, when he named the colors of the candles correctly (which didn't surprise me or Tyler, but I bet Grandma and Papa might have been surprised. :) )

We almost forgot to have Chase open his gifts before everyone left. Gifts are hard! My parents gave me money to purchase something for Chase, and I tell you ... I couldn't pick anything out!!! It was awful! Everything either made noise, or had a zillion parts, or he was too young, or he was too old. What do you get a 3 year old?! I wanted to get him a simple toy guitar, but Kmart's selection SUCKED -- it was either Hannah Montana, Barbie or an actual training guitar, which he is definitely not ready for. I ended up buying a Princess doll for E's gift, and got Chase a totally lame gift from us ... a hard-cover book of Curious George stories, and a travel-size Magnadoodle, which is just for him (which I think is nice because his brother and sister trashed the one that was supposed to be for all 3 of them.)

The present from my IL's was much better received -- a Wow-Wow Wubbzy kickety-kick ball, and an electronic drum set type toy. WOW, that thing is loud! But, he immediately loved it.

Everyone was gone by 7pm, and I was in bed by 9pm, lol. I was, and still am, so tired!

We missed having our birthday duo, but it was still a nice day. Happy celebrated birthday, buddy!! :)

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