Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do I Dare? Project 365 Day 1 ... & 2

Ok, so today on January 2, 2010, I decided to participate in the 365 challenge. The last time I started this project was in April ... of 2007. I didn't last very long because I got a job, finally, and life got hectic and I let the challenge slip by.

I'm making no guarantees right from the start, but the Project 365 Challenge at Gotta Pixel is going to motivate me to try again. The photo prompts are helpful, because after a while you look at what you are photographing and go ... how will this look any different than day X or day Z? Or at least that is what happened to me. It also doesn't help if you feel like your house is a mess and you don't want any photographs to document that mess, and so you find yourself stuck on where you can take pictures. ROFL!

Anyway, in order to keep on track I am going to share two photos I took today. One is something that could be taken any day ... a toy of my youngest son's, so I chose that to be my Day 1 photograph (but the idea for the photo was posted today by Stacy for the Gotta Pixel 365 Challenge prompt) for the photo I missed taking yesterday (because I decided to actually attempt the challenge today).

Today's photo ... is "historic" because I don't bake very often. I know... my poor, deprived children. I was waiting patiently for my butter to reach room temperature (yeah ... ended up sticking it in the microwave for a bit), so I snapped a picture of my collection of ingredients. Not a bad Day 2 photo, if I do say so myself! :)



So there ... I am now on track, and now the challenge truly begins ... to see if I can follow through with this challenge! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Great start, Melinda! Love your photos and I hear you about the baking :).