Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have a new 'puter!!

I bought a new computer at Best Buy yesterday. I am slowly learning Windows 7. I think I can get around for my basic stuff. I am sure, though, that I am not using it to its best potential. I am looking forward to having Lightroom 3 Beta and PSE 7 running side-by-side, with Yahoo, and a chat on Gotta Pixel going all at the same time with no sweat. ... yes, I am definitely a digi-holic and computer nerd!!!! LOL!

(added to post on 1/27/2010)

I don't have pictures on the computer yet. I need to figure out how to get ZoomBrowser set up on here. I am wondering if that stuff was backed up on Carbonite, and desperately hoping so as I also have Winzip which I paid for and I really don't want to pay for that again. It is not having winzip, though, that is preventing me from having Lightroom 3 Beta downloaded on my new computer!

I was SO excited when I saw that Best Buy had the computer I wanted in stock. They got me hook, line and sinker on their protection plans ... I bought it for the monitor, the CPU, and the printer ... yeah, I bought a printer too, and a year's subscription to Kaspersky Labs which I haven't figured out how to activate yet because I can't find the "activation key" that was supposed to be in the package, supposedly. *sigh*

In spite of the cost (which gave my husband a minor coronary this afternoon), I think this will totally be worth it. The computer is already proving how much faster it is than the old one, and I have hopes and dreams of learning more about designing all those digital goodies that I love to collect and play with so much. the prospect is all together just way too exciting, hee hee.

Well, believe it or not folks, I think I am going to call it a night. What?! It's 9:30 pm, Melinda! Well, this Melinda did not go to bed last night, errr, this morning until 1 am because this Melinda was getting info off the old computer written down (favorite web sites, passwords and stuff) ... and guess what, totally forgot to write down my contacts from my email program (crap!) and then moving that all out of the way to get the new one hooked up.

I had no idea of how much work went into that. It was always Tyler who ended up doing set-up in the past.

But, so far so good ... now I'm gonna go get some shut-eye. :)

G'night, all!

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CindyB said...

Congrats on the new "baby" you'll get twice as much done, right? LOL Have fun!!!