Sunday, January 17, 2010

New computer shopping woes continue ...

Really need to vent ... I can't GET one!! Apparently HP didn't meet deadlines in getting their computers out to stores, because it says they are on back-order on the Best Buy site, and only available online. Guess who has to pay for shipping if she wants to order it online?

And, it wouldn't get here till next weekend or early next week anyway.

So, now I get to wait ... another week.

The only plus to this is that I feel pretty well educated about the computers out there. I don't know how much of a difference it is to go from a dual-core to a quad-core, but I know quad-core is higher tech, and is supposed to help with multi-tasking. I know that DDR3 SDRAM is newer and supposed to be faster that DDR2, even if it is the same amount. Of course, any increase in hard drive size without an increase in price ROCKS, and I am finding that is true already. What was $599 before had a 640 or 750 GB hard drive, and now it has 1 TB. So, I am glad I was forced to wait for that.

But, darn it all ... the new stuff is out there for me to see, and I can't go get it!!

I think I'll call Best Buy and see just how long of a wait we're talking, and I'm going to check out HP online whom just sent me an email about a Martin Luther King JR Day sale!

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Melissa said...

You have more patience then I do. Good luck in your computer shopping!